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Alicia Wash’09

Alicia Wash’09 writes about how her experience at Beloit prepared her to make a difference in the local school district.

Hi, my name is Alicia Wash and I am a 2009 Graduate of Beloit College and double majored in Education and Youth Studies Elementary- Middle School and Sociology. For the last 7 years, I have worked and lived in the community of Beloit with the School District of Beloit. I currently teach 4th grade at Aldrich Intermediate School!

I have worked at several schools since graduation and have dedicated my life and career to educating youth in Beloit and beyond. I live in Beloit with my husband and three children. I am originally from MN but I am so glad I stayed in Beloit after graduation to pursue my teaching career. My experiences from Beloit College allowed me to be ready to teach in this community! I currently have a class of 21 4th graders who come from diverse backgrounds. I teach all areas of study and enjoy attending professional development conferences and trainings to always grow my practice as an educator and increase my students’ achievement. They energize me and challenge me each day to be the best teacher I possibly can, and for that I am very grateful for my students.

At Aldrich Intermediate School I am also the Minority Excellence Organization liaison and advisor. I meet with students weekly in grades 4-8 and plan student led cultural awareness activities for the school. This has been a very rewarding experience. Another position I have with the school district is as an Educator Effectiveness Coach. I mentor other staff on the educator evaluation process and really enjoy helping teachers develop student learning objectives and professional goals. The School District of Beloit and the community has offered me many opportunities to further my career.

In my spare time I enjoy volunteering at Caritas Food Pantry as an executive board member, attending my children’s many sporting events, and traveling with my family! I was recently nominated for the Zonta Women of Distinction Award for Beloit and will be receiving this award next week. I am thankful for all the professors and staff at Beloit College in the Education and Sociology departments for their guidance throughout the last 10 years. I love when my involvements in the community crosses paths with my Beloit College experience. I am very much Beloit Proud! If any current students would like to connect with me or have any questions throughout their time at Beloit and beyond I can be reached at

August 29, 2019

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