April 21, 2017

Steve Mrizek ’99

Steve Mrizek ’99 update

A teacher and coach at Rockford Guilford High School, Mrizek teaches Criminal Law, AP US Government and Politics, and Government to classes of mostly seniors. He also coaches baseball here at Beloit College.

Last year Mrizek was the leader of a cross-curricular Mock Crime Scene project, where students had to integrate their skills from a variety of classroom disciplines in order to solve a murder. This project, which combined skills from Math, English, Science, Acting, and Social Studies, won project of the year for Rockford School District 205.

“At Beloit College we were compelled to write and to communicate out thoughts in written text. I am one of the strongest proponents of writing for the students at our school and often times stress the importance of writing to my classes.”

“I have had several student teachers during my career, and the biggest problem I always see is that they are trying to be the method or philosophies that they have read or heard about in class. Teaching is personal. The methods and philosophies are important, but only in steering your persona to better help your students learn. Be true to yourself first and mold the methods and philosophies to your being in a way that works for you. Students form all age groups can see someone who is fake…they want someone who is genuine.” 

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