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John C. Petito

Reflecting on how a “long learner mindset” is important in “inspiring and instructing tomorrow’s change-makers.”

I am teaching AP World History & World History at an all-girl’s Catholic school in New Jersey. Professionally I am interested in the research being conducted on same-sex education and its impact on young women, as well as trying to write and implement a case studies approach toward the study of world history. To be honest, the amount and types of professional development that I undertake is pretty voluminous (happy to say my life–long learner mindset remains strong as ever!). I love where I work and I love the opportunity to inspire and instruct tomorrow’s change-makers.

I think back on my work at Beloit fondly. I remember reading Carol Gilligan with Prof. Darlington and my seminars with Prof. New. The mortifying, yet illuminating process of videotaping my classroom lessons and then watching them with Prof. Warren. I look back on these moments from time-to-time when reflecting on how professional development has changed or was markedly different with colleagues than with professionals whom I am mentoring.

In terms of accomplishments or accolades, I have tried to keep my best efforts in the classroom. The best accomplishment(s) being the students who leave my classroom better off, happy, and engaged. I guess the best accolades have been former students years later reaching out to me to say how much my course and my time impacted their lives.

I have a bright, healthy 10-year-old daughter who I love coaching in soccer and performing with every year in the Nutcracker Ballet.

April 28, 2017

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