How satisfied are students at Beloit College?

Beloit College staff and faculty work hard every day of the year to ensure that students have a learning experience that is second to none. This year the college is surveying students about their satisfaction at the college. Results will inform what the college focuses on–and celebrates–in the coming years.

All Beloit College students are invited to participate in the HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey this spring. This survey allows students to tell the college about areas where they are satisfied and dissatisfied with their college experience. Importantly, if a student is dissatisfied with some aspect of their experience, they have the opportunity to explain in their own words.

“One of the really great things about this survey is that students have the opportunity to be specific about the things they wish were different,” said Ellenor Anderbyrne, the survey administrator. “This feature helps students feel heard, but also gives staff at the college the specific information they need to know why something is not meeting students’ expectations.”

The survey takes students about ten minutes to complete and asks about these areas of students’ college experience:

  • Academic experiences such as advising and internships
  • Course instruction in different subject areas
  • Campus services and facilities including food services and student housing
  • Aspects of campus life such as student organizations and social life at Beloit College
  • Discussing controversial issues in the classroom

Associate Provost Ron Watson has been involved in planning for the survey and will be among those reviewing the findings. “Beloit College is a student centered place,” he remarked. “The college has been energetically investing in programs that students prioritize, to improve the student experience. Information from this survey will help us guide our efforts in the coming years.”

Students, faculty, staff, or alumni who are interested in learning more about the survey or in seeing the specific questions that are asked can check out the the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium’s (HEDS) website.

Students can respond through Sunday, May 5th (extended deadline!) by clicking on one of the individualized links they received by email from the sender .

April 09, 2024


Ellenor Anderbyrne

Ron Watson

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