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EDYS Honors Term: Chen Bao

Chen Bao will be completing an honors term

I graduated from the college in fall 2016 with a double major in Education and Economics, and I am currently working on an honors term project with the Institution Research Assessment and Planning office on campus. My emphasis for the semester is enhancing the student experience by analyzing, sharing, and further researching the experiences of students. The work involves analyzing student experience survey data, carrying out qualitative investigations, such as focus group conversations that explore the student experience that underlie aggregate survey findings, and enhancing data availability on campus.

This service project entails: analysis of the new student experience metrics; proposing questions for further research, based on the student experience survey data; carrying out qualitative research to answer questions about the student experience; and communicating information about the student experience to campus audiences, including a new 2016-17 Fact Book with a completely revised and updated chapter on the Student Experience. I will be presenting the student experience metrics to members of the campus community at the end of my project.
Being an honors term student make me still feel a connection with the college community. Since I work closely with an on-campus office, I found myself in the middle of still being a student and being a staff member. Though it is interesting to see the campus from the other side, I am also grateful that I can still be with students.
April 12, 2017

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