The role of data analytics in business and economics.

Larry Sullivan is a current vice president of enterprise analytics at ABC Supply Co. Inc. and has over four decades of experience in data science. He has worked with renowned companies like Motorola, USG, Quest Software, and ABC Supply. Larry’s passion for technology and economics has driven him to excel.

Larry Sullivan with Beloit College faculty members and students Larry Sullivan with Beloit College faculty members and students

The meeting of The Business School professors and students with Larry at Beloit College allowed students to learn from his vast experience and gain insights into the intersection of technology and business.

The discussion covered a range of topics, including

  • The importance of passion and curiosity in driving success.
  • The value of data analytics in uncovering insights and driving real-world changes.
  • The significance of interdisciplinary skills, such as problem-solving and communication, in today’s job market.
  • The abundance of opportunities available within ABC Supply, ranging from data engineering to business intelligence development.
  • The potential for students to gain valuable experience through internships and programs at ABC Supply and develop skills that will benefit them in their future careers.

During the meeting, students engaged with Larry by asking thoughtful questions about the type of data used and shared by ABC Supply, data cleaning approaches, AI’s impact on the company, and the importance of interdisciplinary learning. Larry provided an overview of ABC Supply’s business operations, highlighting its focus on mathematical opportunity operations and its reliance on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

He emphasized the importance of roles such as data engineers, software engineers, data architects, and data scientists in driving the company’s success. He shared insights into the skills and experience required for roles in the field, such as SQL, problem-solving, Python, data visualization, statistics, and business understanding. Larry’s responses provided valuable insights into the company’s operations and the skills needed to succeed in data analytics and business.

Additionally, Larry highlighted internship opportunities available at ABC Supply and encouraged students to apply for these positions by giving guidance on the application process.

By: Farrukh Tojiev
March 29, 2024

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