Students learn about careers in recreation

Beloit College faculty and staff join students for a fun-filled field trip learning about careers in recreation with alumni at Madison School District of Recreation.

Beloit College students sit around a conference table at a recreation field trip in Madison Beloit College students enjoyed their time spent with experts in the field of recreation.

On February 14, 2024, Beloit College students, faculty, and staff traveled to Madison to get an in-depth look at the community sports and wellness work of Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR), the recreation provider for the Madison Metropolitan School District. Hosted by Beloit College alumni Teenie Smith and Jason Busack, students got a chance to sample some of the menu of events on offer at the recently opened MSCR West facility.

Students use binoculars to see the sites during a nature walk in Madison. Students use binoculars to take in the view sites during a nature walk.

Students asked questions of a panel of professionals working at the facility, and got to participate in hands-on activities including a crash-course in designing a Valentine’s Day card in watercolor, pickle ball for beginners, and a tour of the facility. The group later relocated to a nearby lakeside forest for a nature hike with other MSCR staff.

View of a table with paint materials set up. The field trip included a hands-on water color activity. "Sometimes people forget that recreation isn't only about sports. Doing this painting activity was a reminder to students that recreation can cover all kinds of activities," said Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Channel Coordinator Kevin Schober.

“There are so many cool jobs that alumni do in the field of recreation. It was just wonderful to take them on this field trip where they have learned about the range of jobs that are out there,” said Ron Watson, Career Channels Co-Director.

Students, faculty, and staff visit the Madison Recreation pickle ball courts. Career Channels Director Ron Watson (left) and Visiting Professor of Sport Management Greg Hanrahan (right) join students to view the pickle ball courts.

March 20, 2024


Kevin Schober
Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Channel Co-Coordinator

Ron Watson
Career Channels Co-Director

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