One-on-one advice for resumes and more

Getting ready for the job market is easier – and more fun – with support from others. During a lunchtime session, Beloit College students received personal advice on preparing their resumes for the Business Networking Summit and beyond.

Twenty Beloit College students got together during lunchtime on a mild, sunny February day to prepare for the upcoming Business Networking Summit. Armed with paper print-outs of their resumes, these students met with advisors one-on-one to get feedback and advice on how to best present their strengths to future employers.

“This workshop is a chance for students to reflect on what they’ve done in their time at Beloit College and think about how to communicate that to external audiences,” says Professor Laura Grube. “Alumni look forward to meeting students each year at the Business Networking Summit, and having a resume ready helps the students feel comfortable introducing themselves and talking about who they are.”

man sitting on the left with a pencil and paper and two smiling women on the other side of the table Vice President for Career & Professional Development Tim Leslie works with Katie Phan to ensure employers will see her many strengths showing on her resume.

The Business Networking Summit, formerly called “Econ Day,” is a yearly event where junior and senior students journey to Chicago, along with their professors, to meet with alumni, explore jobs, and consider life after Beloit. Current students have one-on-one conversations with alumni who can help them explore possible career paths as well as provide advice.

Vice President for Career & Professional Development Tim Leslie was one of the advisors working with students. “There is no more important career development event than the Business Networking Summit, where students are learning from alumni who recently graduated and from those who have established successful careers. Events like the Business Networking Summit are good in part because of the thorough preparation that goes into it, like this resume workshop.”

two students stand by a table reaching for pizza A lunchtime resume workshop means pizza, treats, and conversation in the Campbell Hall student seminar room while students wait for their turn.

A resume is an important tool for presenting yourself to the job market. With advice from mentors at Beloit, Beloit College students will have resumes that will help them stand out from the crowd.

February 28, 2024


Laura Grube
Associate Professor of Economics and Business

Diep Phan
Director of the School of Business

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