Internship tale from the intersection of Data Science and Engineering

From Liberia to Beloit, and then Liveline Technologies, the journey of Fatumata unfolds, highlighting the transformative power of interdisciplinary knowledge and hands-on learning. In the dynamic setting of the Data Science field, internship experience plays an important role in helping students master the skills of transforming complexities into clarity.

Fatumata Lagary Kaba’24 is a senior majoring in Data Science and Physics from Liberia. She interned with Liveline Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cooper Standard Automotive. Fatu got the opportunity to learn about the internship program after networking with Derrick Redding’91 on Econ Day.

Reflecting on the experience, Fatu found herself at the intersection where data science and engineering blended. Having the chance to collaborate with many team members, she was involved in the process of machine automation and logic controller programming through a simulation project. Not only did she enhance her skills with data science tools such as Python, PyCharm, etc., but she was also introduced to many new tools including Grafana, Kafka, and TensorFlow. She reflected on the Machine Learning course, which enabled her to apply newfound knowledge to real-world projects and provided her with the foundation for the use of LSTM and reinforcement learning in data science.

“I envision a clear path for myself after this valuable experience. The blend of data science and engineering becomes apparent, as I realize the potential for the ability of data science to enhance electrical engineering” Fatu remarked on her amazing journey.

Fatumata and her supervisors at Liveline Fatumata and her supervisors at Liveline

Fatu encourages all students to improve transferable skills such as networking, problem-solving, and teamwork. She suggests they combine knowledge and skills acquired across disciplines for broader learning opportunities and emphasize the importance of networking and building lifelong relationships. “The value of genuine connections is beyond the job opportunities,” said Fatu.

By: My Le'25
February 27, 2024

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