Beloit student works with MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Mathematics and Public Health double major Vu Anh Le’25 participated in the Station1 Frontiers Fellowship Program 2023, a summer research initiative established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Materials Science and Engineering faculty.

Vu-Anh Le The program consists of two components: a socially-directed research design curriculum and a research internship with an industrial company. As part of the first component, he received training in computational modeling, data analytics, and methods for developing evidence-based policy and management. He interned with Corumat, Inc., an industrial company based in the State of Washington. He was tasked with quantifying the carbon intensity of the life cycle of biodegradable materials and found that recycling a tonne of bioplastics from renewable natural gas reduces carbon emissions by 4.75 kg compared to PVC.

This internship gave Vu an appreciation for graduate academic research and helped him develop a civic-minded approach to innovation. As a result, Vu now believes that science and technology are most impactful when aimed at improving society.

Vu’s talents did not go unnoticed at MIT. He was offered a position as a research assistant for Dr. Haruko Wainwright in the MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, which he is currently fulfilling from Beloit College.

Vu plans to pursue a career as a university professor and public health administrator, addressing struggles in universal healthcare coverage.

February 02, 2024

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