Study Eclipses! See An Eclipse! - PHYS 135/ENVS 294

The Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy invites you to register for PHYS 135/ENVS 294 - Eclipses for Spring 2024!

Images of the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse Images of the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse
Credit: Dr. Michael Fortner

Humans observed solar eclipses for over millennia. Solar eclipses occur when the moon blocks portions of the Sun’s light casting a shadow on Earth. Dr. Michael Fortner—an avid solar eclipse chaser and Beloit’s visiting associate professor of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy–offers PHYS 135 (cross-listed as ENVS 294), Eclipses course, as a half-unit course in the Spring of 2024.

Register for the PHYS 135/ENVS 294 and explore our human history and fascination with them.

The course offering occurs when the next total solar eclipse occurs at Beloit’s doorstep. The total solar eclipse occurs on April 8th 2024 and is visible in Illinois. Dr. Britt Scharringhausen is organizing a trip to observe the next total solar eclipse in Illinois. Don’t miss the chance of observing a total solar eclipse and contact Dr. Britt Scharringhausen for information on the total solar eclipse trip. 

November 08, 2023

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