October 31, 2023

Remember these moments?

Fragments of Beloit College student life from the Beloit College Archives.

A jazz concert in the Student Union, circa 1958-1961. A jazz concert in the Student Union, circa 1958-1961, not long after it opened in the former Smith Gymnasium. The band and students are hanging out in the Union ballroom, a venue for concerts, dances, and movies.
Credit: Beloit College Archives

A student plays guitar in their dorm room in 1993. Technology in student dorm rooms in 1993 included a microwave oven, refrigerator, television, electric guitar, and CDs. What does the room have in common with a student dorm from 1893? Books.
Credit: Beloit College Archives

Two students and a dog pictured in front of the Student Union in the fall of 1976. Two students and a dog in the fall of 1976. They're pictured in front of the Student Union during its heyday as a gathering place, nearing the end of the Beloit Plan era. While the college had a year-round calendar, many students lived off campus and could avoid college rules about pets, so it was common to see dogs visiting campus.
Credit: Beloit College Archives

Students play Ultimate Frisbee on Karris Field. Members of the Beloit Ultimate Frisbee Family play on Karris Field on a fall afternoon in 2016. That's Beloit's iconic octagonal limestone water tower in the background. Completed in 1889, it once had a wooden top.
Credit: Beloit College Archives

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