October 31, 2023

WBCR in the 1970s and why Beloit is meaningful

Letters: From Our Readers

Remember This?

Students shuffling records in the WBCR Radio station in the 1970s, when it was in Haven Hall. In our previous issue, we shared some history on WBCR, the college’s radio station, and a request: “who was in this photo?” We have an answer.

“That’s me in the photo. Some fellow alums alerted me when I hadn’t received my magazine yet. I live in London, the one in England, where I recently hosted a Beloiters Unite event.

“You can see a recent photo of me and a few other 1974 alumni on the Beloit Alumni Facebook page. The woman in the (WBCR) photo is Carol Seidler. I think she was in the class of 1975.”

Tom Northwood’74
London, England

More on WBCR

Beloit Daily News cover from October 1979 with a feature on Beloit's unknown radio station. Here’s a photo from the Beloit Daily News of me at WBCR in the basement of Haven. The reporters were at the station to interview Jeff Geer, a then–controversial program director, and I was in the studio doing a 12-hour program(!). I was at Beloit from 1978 to 1982 and during that time I took on many roles at the station, from deejay to music director to station manager.

I have other WBCR materials from that era if anyone is interested. I have donated some to the archives.

Chris Bailey’82
Aurora, New York

When you talk about why Beloit is meaningful to you

“Is there such a college? What is it? Where is it?” These are questions I hear when I tell high school counselors and those at the school district who are interested in where their students might go to college, and those at the local nonprofit that supports LGBTQ youth, why my grandson went to Beloit College.

When I tell them how he researched small liberal arts colleges where a trans student would feel supported, and only Beloit College answered appropriately, and then he spent his first year on a dormitory floor where all the students were trans.

When I tell them that the college president met with me for an hour on a Friday afternoon to discuss how to support and protect undocumented students on campus and at home.

When I tell them that the college president attended the college’s sports association meeting to protect trans student athletes.

When I tell them the college actively recruits marginalized students, including students of color and students from all over the world.

When I tell them how many students further their education after graduation and how Beloit is rated highly for freshman year experience.

The administration has encouraged us to recruit students. The best way is to talk about what about Beloit is most meaningful to you. You might also mention that Beloit will work with applicants to find ways to make their education affordable.

Bob Norris’66
Longmont, Colorado

Talk to us

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