Susan Kasten Honorary Alumni Award

College Editor Emerita Susan Kasten received an Honorary Alumni Award for having captured the spirit of Beloit College and the hearts, minds, and memories of Beloit College Magazine readers for over two decades.

Awarded September 29, 2023
2023 Honorary Alumni Award

Since her Beloit College tenure began over two decades ago, Susan Kasten’s words have captured the hearts, minds, and memories of Beloit College Magazine readers. When she joined the Office of Communications and Marketing — then called the Office of Public Affairs — as college editor in 2001, she was intrigued by the college’s rich history and passionate community. After retiring in December, she was granted emerita status and is now an honorary alumna at the very college she has grown to love — and has loved her in return.

Susan graduated magna cum laude from the Rockford College honors program with a bachelor of arts degree in English. She journeyed to Beloit after more than a decade of writing and editing in the Rockford area, serving as a grant writer at her alma mater, editor for a national trade magazine, and a marketing communications coordinator at Rock Valley College.

As Beloit’s college editor, she brought a special touch to the magazine, and the treasure trove of stories published in her issues informed and inspired alumni. As the associate director of the communications and marketing office and twice interim director, she juggled multiple campus publications and priorities, from special events to enrollment materials to external communications. She forged dozens of friendships and working relationships with faculty, staff, and alumni over the years, most notably with Archivist Emeritus Fred Burwell’86, with whom she collaborated on countless college history-related projects.

“The magazine has had a few other strong editors over the years and Susan carried on that tradition while offering her own sensibilities,” Fred says. “Under Susan, the magazine struck the perfect balance between hard journalism and feature-style publicity. She wasn’t afraid to tackle difficult issues, but she also found plenty of space for entertainment and good fun.”

Over her more than 20 years at Beloit, Susan was widely known for both her engagement with the college community and her kind and joyful spirit. “She’s passionately interested in people and their stories, often the unconventional and unusual,” Fred says. “Alumni respond to Susan’s curiosity and warmth and they feel comfortable opening up.”

The Beloit College Alumni Association graciously thanks Susan Kasten for her contributions to the college and recognizes her as an honorary alumna.

October 03, 2023

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