Getting Hired Quickly

 This story discusses WECAN, and the educational career pathways out there for students who are both certified and not certified in education.  

We have all heard of the teacher shortages, and the need for teachers within education. Did you know that there are thousands of jobs and opportunities within the education related field that don’t require you to stand in front or a group of students to teach or even have a teaching license? 

A quick search of WECAN (Wisconsin Education Career Access Network) will reveal dozens of pages of lucrative careers within the education fields that are currently open within the state of Wisconsin. Some of which include museum educators, IT specialists and network security managers, health room nurses, district wide communications coordinators, marketing assistants, human resource specialists, paraprofessionals, show choir and musical directors, coaches for a variety of activities including e-sports, and robotics. Many of these jobs are full time, but some are part time and great opportunities for some additional experience. 

Some other benefits of working within the educational institution are eligibility to great benefit packages and potential eligibility to national debt forgiveness programs. 

If any of these career paths interest you, feel free to search WECAN, or create an account to begin applying for jobs. WECAN is the first location that districts go to post their openings, and there are options for both certified and non-certified positions. 

September 05, 2023

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