An IR and French major’s busy international year

Paper by Farah Tolu-Honary’24 (IR, French) published.

Farah Tolu-Honary Farah Tolu-Honary’24 (IR, French) spent academic year 2022-2023 studying abroad in Morocco and Tunisia. She continued her travels over the summer to present her paper, “Judicial Responses to Weaponized Citizenship in Zimbabwe,” at the 27th World Congress of Political Science, hosted by the International Political Science Association, in Argentina. Farah also traveled to Senegal to conduct research, arriving just as the country was convulsed by serious protests touched off by the arrest of a prominent opposition leader. Her summer travels were funded by the Weissberg Program in Human Rights and Social Justice and the Global Experience Office. Her paper about citizenship in Zimbabwe was recently published in the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal

September 02, 2023

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