July 06, 2023

A Beloit family legacy started with one question

Recent graduate Ian Scott Curry’23 takes his place in a line of Beloiters dating to the class of 1931.   

Ian Scott Curry'23 Ian Scott Curry’23
Elizabeth Kuechle'60 Elizabeth Kuechle’60

Sylvia de Gelleke’31 was the first in her family to choose Beloit College, and her four siblings (Janet de Gelleke Woods Hoobler’34, Gerritt de Gelleke’34, Dorrit de Gelleke Cormany’40, and Elizabeth de Gelleke Palmer’44) soon followed, as did brotherin- law S. Bruce Balmer’44 and a nephew, David S. Palmer’67. Sylvia’s daughter, Elizabeth Kuechle’60, and son, Gerry Kuechle’63, also enrolled.

So when Sylvia’s great-grandson, Ian Scott Curry’23, discovered Beloit all the way from San Francisco, no one was surprised when he came to Beloit, too. He earned his diploma in May.

Legend has it that when her grandchildren were looking at colleges, Sylvia asked them, “Do you want to go to a college where faculty and staff know you and care about you, or do you want to go to a big state school where you’re only a number?”

And the rest is part of a beautiful, de Gelleke and Beloit family history.

Was your Beloit experience transformative? Do you have friends or family members who could be a part of your Beloit story? Go to beloit.edu/referastudent and our Admissions team will follow up.

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