July 02, 2023

Gears of life

Ninth College President Victor E. Ferrall, Jr., a longtime woodworker and artist, recently donated a collection of his work called “The Fourteen Life Gears” to the college.

A wooden gear made of interlocking circular pieces of wood of various colors. “Challenge" is part of the “The Fourteen Life Gears” by Victor E. Ferrall, Jr.After a beloved willow tree fell on his farm in Orfordville, Wis., Ferrall decided to use the wood for the project, which consists of 14 intricately made pieces, each one named for a command or imperative. (This one is called “Challenge.”)

When Powerhouse staff expressed an interest in acquiring them, Ferrall was overjoyed. “I hope they please college residents as much as it pleases me that the college has them,” he says.

The gears are displayed on a large wall inside the first floor of the Powerhouse.

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