Beloit College strategic groups begin work

Beloit College is set on a mission toward a successful 2023-24 and beyond.

Beloit College is creating five working teams whose mission over the next few months is to think strategically, critically, and creatively and help guide us toward a successful 2023-24 and beyond. The work of all five teams is deeply interdependent, and each team will include members of the Board of Trustees.

The teams include: Enrollment (Co-Chairs: Leslie Davidson and Yaffa Grossman), Student Experience (Tara Girard and a faculty member to be named), Budget (Co-Chairs: Stacie Scott and Donna Oliver, Space-use (Co-Chairs: Dan Schooff and Scott Espeseth), Academic Programs and Partnerships (Co-Chairs: Jim Rougvie and Amy Tibbitts)

Interim Provost Donna Oliver is the project manager.

Collectively, each team will develop a detailed set of actions to seek input and big ideas from the community, responds to lessons learned while picking the low-hanging fruit, offer a bold vision, with execution plans and implementation timetables, leads us to a balanced budget in 2024-25 and beyond, emphasizing revenue generation (current and new sources), and creates compelling cases for fundraising

The groups will start work this week and co-chairs will collectively meet weekly with both Scott and Eric (through June) and Eric (throughout the summer).

The teams will report their recommendations to the president by July 31.

May 30, 2023

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