Economics and a Rock Band

A serious economics student, Shivangi Ambardar’21 also spent a summer interning with the Chicago-based rock band, Manwolves, receiving a hands-on introduction to how business works in the music industry. How cool is that? Beloit students are never singular, are they?

How did you hear about Beloit College?
I heard about Beloit College through the Next Genius Scholarship program, a scholarship competition that pairs Indian students with U.S. colleges.

What off-campus opportunities have you enjoyed?
I received a Field Experience Grant, with which I interned for a Chicago based music band called Manwolves. I helped them with their finances and organization of data, and tried to understand how the business side of the art/music industry works. Overall, my experience with the Manwolves was great. It helped me not only learn business, but also helped me build lifelong relationships. All the people I met throughout my experience were extremely kind and loving. They treated me like family, and I love all of them from the bottom of my heart.

What has been your favorite class so far?
I have taken a lot of different courses on campus. My three most favorite classes this far have been Society and Culture, an Anthropology course by Professor Jason Alley; History of Photography, an Art History course by Professor Jo Ortel; and Principles of Economics by Professor Bob Elder. To be honest, there are so many other classes that I am looking forward to, like screen printing, market research methods, etc.

What has been your most unexpected Beloit experience?
Knowing and understanding the fact that I can do so many crazy and different things while still pursuing my major and career objectives has been the most unexpected experience I have had at Beloit.

What has been your biggest academic challenge?
I personally think that academics at Beloit College are hard. You have to stay on top of it all to be good student and to be happy. Thusly, doing so was my biggest academic challenge. Back in India, you grades are ONLY dependant on your final exams, however, at Beloit I am always doing something - a paper, a group project, preparing for a quiz, etc. thusly getting used to this was very challenging.

Which dorm was your first/favorite?
840 was my first dorm and my favorite too!

Where are you and your friends on Saturday night?
Probably at a party or watching Netflix and eating popcorn in one of our friend’s room.

What would your advice be to future Beloiters?
My advice to future Beloiters is to be positive and not stress. Beloit is a great place with a lot of motivation and inspiration in various forms–all you have to do is find the right one for yourself. It may seem hard to find it at first, but the process of finding your own motivation and inspiration is what makes your Beloit College experience extraordinary.

August 23, 2019

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