Supporting Causes After his Lifetime

James Lockwood, Jr.’34 used his bequest to strengthen the programs he supported during his lifetime.

James E. Lockwood, Jr.’34 lived a life of adventure and discovery. His $1.4 million bequest to Beloit College, made available through the Lockwood Charitable Foundation, was designed to strengthen programs that he supported during his lifetime, including the collections of the Logan Museum, teaching and research in the department of anthropology, and scholarships supporting students majoring in geology and anthropology.

Mr. Lockwood’s ties to Beloit spanned eight-decades. He knew and worked with seven college presidents and regularly worked with the directors of the Logan Museum of Anthropology. In recognition of his years of devotion to the museum, the director of the museum was renamed in his honor: The James E. Lockwood, Jr. Director of the Logan Museum.

Following graduation from Beloit, Lockwood invested in the family-owned Lockwood Oil Company and expanded the filling station business to Rockford, Ill. He had also befriended a well-known deep sea diver and together they created the first diving lung. He worked on the underwater set of 12 Tarzan movies from 1932 to 1948. In 1957, he sold Lockwood Oil and began traveling the world pursuing his passions for scuba diving and archaeology. His travels led him to Haiti, where he eventually discovered an ancient Haitian temple on an island off the north-central coast. Mr. Lockwood passed away at the age of 92 in 2003.

August 23, 2019

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