Enriching Opportunity for Special Education Teachers in Wisconsin

Explore more about the UW-SET program through Ana’s lens.

Ana Kohout, a Beloit College graduate, went on to the UW SET Residency program and now teaches special education at Fruzen Intermediate. She realized the need for special education teachers in Beloit and successfully got admitted into this great program. The University of Wisconsin Madison Special Education Training (SET) Residency program helped her obtain a Master’s Degree in Special Education and Wisconsin licensure in special education. Moreover, she also had networking partnerships and guaranteed teaching opportunities. She tells us about the exciting part of the program: “Since it certifies you in special education from K-12, you can basically work as a special education teacher anywhere. Isn’t that cool?”

Ana mentioned that she applied for UW-Madison’s “Special Education MS- Teacher Certification” and provided a personal statement, indicating that she was applying for the UW-SET program. In addition to that, she needed to submit a letter of application, and two letters of recommendation, and pay an application fee.

Ana understands that most of the students would be worried about finances but she assures that the UW-SET program has got it covered: “As a part of the program, I received a stipend that is intended to cover the tuition and living expenses. I also applied for additional funding such as the Teacher Pledge and TEACH Grant. In addition to that, I was also eligible for continued employment in my district.”

Ana initially wasn’t sure she wanted to become a special education teacher. But, she tells us that “the opportunity was too good to pass up.” She mentions that the program was intense for her with 3-4 classes on top of her working as a student teacher. However, she believes it is an excellent opportunity and suggests that more students should apply: “It helped me become better at communicating and setting up boundaries. I also got to experience teaching students in different grade levels, which is a great experience that schools look for.”

Overall, the UW-SET program is excellent for students interested in becoming special education teachers. From intense coursework and enriching experiences to student funding and guaranteed teaching opportunities, it has everything one wishes for. And Beloit does need more special education teachers.

For more information about the program, contact tpnelson2@wisc.edu

By: Abhas Oli'26
April 18, 2023

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