Devoted Athlete to a Podcast Host

As Scott began his adventure at Beloit, life handed him difficult lemons, which he used to make the lemonade of his dreams, sharing his passion for athleticism and coaching to establish a platform for athletes to share their stories through his podcast

Before Beloit

What attracted you to attend Beloit?
I was heavily involved in baseball during my high school time. I also coached some local teams. (I honestly wish I would have done more looking back on it now). Therefore, out of high school, I was looking for a school to compete athletically and get a quality education. I had been recruited by Beloit quite heavily but actually ended up attending a different school. However, after my freshman year at that school, I realized it was the wrong choice and immediately connected again with Beloit because I remembered how good I felt on my visit when I was in high school.

For students who are considering attending Beloit, what would be the advice you give them?
I would recommend having a one-on-one meeting with a professor in your field of study to admitted students. I think the personal connections you make at Beloit are what differentiates it from other schools. Having been at a big university (I am currently continuing my education at Iowa State University for a Master’s degree) for a year now, I often miss the small, close-knit community.

Year 1

Transferred to Beloit College after one year in the other school.

What one piece of advice would you give to first-year students?
I would advise first-year students to get out of their comfort zone and join at least one on-campus group outside of what they think they like. I had never done track until Coach Bliese allowed me to try it, and it has changed my life in so many ways. Beloit has a great community of people from all parts of the world, and you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not take advantage of that.

Year 2

As a transferred student to Beloit, did you find it hard to start your college journey in a new environment again?
For me, Beloit College is the most welcoming environment I have ever been in. After my transfer, I was welcomed to be a part of the Beloit Baseball team and had an amazing voluntary experience at Hackett elementary (from sophomore to senior year). I also had the opportunity to figure out what I want to major in and had a good educational experience. I declared a Business Economics major in the second semester of my sophomore year.

How have you explored your interest in Business Economics major?
I have always dreamt of a day I own and operate my personal business. And Beloit College has prepared me well to achieve my goal, especially the Intro to Entrepreneurship course with Professor Brian Morello. It is actually incredible how often I think back to some of the lessons I learned in this course. I also found myself fascinated by the marketing and communication field. So, I got myself several internships working as the Digital Marketing Intern to incorporate my classroom learnings into real-life business problems after my sophomore year.

Year 3

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your time at Beloit? How did you overcome it?
In 2018 - my junior year, I was told that I no longer had a spot on the baseball team. At that point, I was lost because I had done baseball my entire life, so I did not know what to do next. But thanks to Coach Brian Bliese for allowing me to join and compete on the Track and Field team with no prior experience, I got myself a new athlete journey which turned out to be my athletic career. He has been an unbelievable mentor who unleashed my potential in this field and taught me the power of persistence and staying motivated. Additionally, I want to thank Kelly Harycki Routt for being the best athletic trainer I could ask for. She was a great help to me and always a funny and kind friend to talk to.

What are the most significant academic-related milestones or achievements you have attained during your time at Beloit?
On the academic side, I am very proud of myself for being on the Dean’s List every semester and eventually graduating Magna Cum Laude and a departmental award for my work in Environmental Economics in my junior year.

As you have mentioned about your departmental award for your work in Environmental Economics, are there any stories behind that you could share with us?
In my junior year, I took the Environmental Economics course with Professor Jermaine Moulton. Honestly, the way Professor Moulton required work to be submitted really frustrated me when I first got into this class. However, as time went on, I realized he was preparing us for the professional world, and by paying attention to details, we are gradually improving ourselves. And with his kind support and encouragement, I completed my final project and even got that to apply for the departmental honor in my senior year.

Year 4

How did your education at Beloit help guide you to your intended career journey?
Besides its rigorous coursework, Beloit helped me gain hands-on experience, at the same time, earn credit toward my degree. In my senior year, I was accepted to the Duffy Partnerships program, where I met and got mentored by Professor Carol Wickersham. During the program, I got placed at Hendricks Holding Co. as their Marketing Intern, which helped me better understand what I wanted to do in the future. I am also grateful for having Professor Jermaine Moulton, Professor Laura Grube, and Professor Diep Phan beside me on my journey during my time at Beloit. They have been my greatest resource for providing help to me both inside and outside the classroom.

When you think of your time at Beloit, what comes to your mind?
While at Beloit, I achieved several great milestones that I am very proud of. Some of them are my academic-related achievements, as I mentioned earlier. Some of them are athletic-related achievements, such as being the conference champion, breaking the school record, and becoming one of Beloit’s only NCAA All-Americans. However, after all, it is the people I treasure the most. The coaches, professors, friends, and my significant others are what exactly make Beloit great.

After Beloit

What have you been doing after graduation?
In my senior year, I got recruited to compete at the Division I level for Track and Field at Iowa State University. So basically, I have always been with my athlete journey after my graduation. Regarding my academic side, following my major at Beloit, I decided to get myself a niche area in the Professional and Strategic Communications Master’s program. I am also combining my passion for throwing javelins (my specialty in track and field) and my communication skills by hosting a podcast named “Through the Point.” With the podcast, I aim to create a community to share my stories and other athletes’ stories for anyone who has a passion for throwing but has limited access to coaching

January 07, 2023

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