Part-time internship at an asset management firm

Beloit student Ankit Dahiya’23 shares his journey from a summer internship to landing a part-time internship at an asset management firm.

Ankit Dahiya’23 worked as a sustainability analyst intern at Ziegler Capital Management in Chicago in the summer of 2022. What began as a summer internship evolved into a current part-time position with Ziegler.

His primary responsibility was to examine various companies’ financial and environmental performance in order to make investment decisions. He was able to gain extensive experience in the investment management industry while working at ZCM. Major investment teams presented a complete overview of the various asset classes and investing methodologies as part of instructional programs.

“ZCM provided me with good coaching and assisted me in building a strong network. This aided in the development of crucial abilities needed for success in investment management. It helped me create a solid network and provided excellent mentorship,” Ankit said.

The working environment is flexible, allowing him to work both from home and in the Chicago downtown office.

Ankit credits his liberal arts education with helping him develop a strong sense of socially responsible investing skills, along with analytical, communication, and management skills, making him more qualified for future roles. He took several economics courses that equipped him with the skills such as research, critical thinking, teamwork, and presentation skills, to help him succeed at his job. “The most valuable class the department of economics offers is Money and Banking with Bob Elder. This class gave me great insights into the financial system works. How and why the government issues bonds, how private and public players interact and trade options, bonds, and derivates across different markets. And all this is really similar to what I do at my job,” shared Ankit.

While Ankit continues on his career adventure, he advises Beloiters to develop a strong network with Beloit alumni, professors, and college resources. “Ziegler has a large Beloit alumni presence. The firm’s CEO, managing partner, and a few analysts are Beloit Alumni. This internship wouldn’t be possible without the support, reach and network that Beloit offers,” shared Ankit. He recommended having a system when it comes to applying for internships. He would strongly urge the applicants to not throw stones in the dark, to do their research, target an industry, interview people in that industry, and ask for referrals.

By: Ojaswi Dhakal'25
December 26, 2022

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