Peggy Robinson’74 DSC

She is a consummate role model for others Beloiters interested in journalistic pursuits...

2014 Distinguished Service Citation

Many students steeped in the liberal arts come to their careers in a roundabout way, but connecting the dots of Peggy Robinson’s myriad accomplishments shows a clear and stratospheric trajectory.

Peggy, who studied political science and international relations, came to Beloit with a great deal of international experience already in her arsenal, having lived for many years in Bolivia and Panama. She took college life by storm with the same tenacity that she later used in her broadcasting career, serving on student government and on the judicial board, Affirmative Action Committee, World Outlook Committee; she studied abroad in France and was the first woman at the helm of WBCR as station manager. It’s perfectly fitting that she served as the student speaker at the 1974 Commencement, alongside another broadcasting heavyweight, then-president of ABC Television Network James Duffy, a member of the class of 1949.

She wasted no time in getting to work in her chosen field of journalism. She worked at Ted Turner’s original cable station in Atlanta and at two radio stations before earning a master’s degree in political science at the University of Colorado.

Since then, she has made a name for herself at the seminal nightly news program at PBS, The NewsHour, starting as a production secretary in 1978 and covering everything from energy, transportation, the Middle East, defense issues, and national politics as a reporter. The program’s coverage of the 1988 presidential campaign—at a time when Peggy was senior producer for political and urban affairs—earned a Peabody award. She continues her work as a senior producer for the program.

Over the years Peggy has devoted her considerable talents to the college in many ways. She is a consummate role model for others Beloiters interested in journalistic pursuits or in committed service to the college at the board of trustees level.

For her expansive service to her alma mater, the Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to bestow upon Peggy its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Citation, on the occasion of her 40th Reunion.

July 01, 2014

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