J. Bennet Olson’1938 DSC

1972 “Teacher of the Year” of the Association of Midwest Biology Teachers.

Professing to have had a life, not a career, of which science and education have been but a part, you have described yourself as an example of a student who took his studies so seriously and literally that he wanted to practice everything he learned, not just one thing. Associate professor of sciences and education at Purdue University and departmental deputy for regional campuses; director of National Science Foundation summer institutes; 1972 “Teacher of the Year” of the Association of Midwest Biology Teachers; researcher in embryology and genetics of congenital heart defects – these represent just a few of your professional rewards. Nevertheless, you draw with great pleasure upon such memories as playing jazz flute in public, selling paintings and prints from your first one-man show, appearing on stage in opera and comedy and in madrigal and choir programs, performing four marriages as a lay minister and visiting with international personalities. In recognition of your demonstration of how good and full one’s life can really be and your commitment to lifelong education, your Alma Mater is honored to present you this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1980

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