John Henry Martin’1934 DSC

Executive – Management Advisor

Few men ever match the impressive record you have compiled as an executive and administrator. The tremendous burdens of responsibility you have shouldered in private enterprise and for your government in times of emergency have earned you the admiration, respect, and gratitude of your associates and colleagues. As vice president of Litton Industries, one of America’s 50 largest corporations, you direct its worldwide insurance, credit, and pension programs. You came well prepared for the challenge, having earlier managed the operations of leading lumber and financial firms. Your talents have been noticed by the nation’s top executive as well, for four Presidents – Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon – have retained you as a member of the Advisory Committee, Office of Emergency Management. During World War II, you were a War Production Board executive and later headed an interagency unit to insure the orderly cancellation of billions of dollars of war contracts. At the time of the Korean conflict, you were deputy director of the Office of Defense Mobilization, directly responsible for the certification of essential construction, which eventually exceeded $20 billion. As honors graduate of Harvard’s Graduate School of Business Administration, you have maintained close ties with that distinguished institution. You have headed the Young Presidents Organization of Northern California and served as vice president of the national group. In recognition of these outstanding administrative talents and contributions to our economic life, Beloit College is honored to award you this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1980

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