Robert G. Fergusson’1933 DSC

Self-supporting since your high school days, you have achieved success in two distinctly different professions, first as a career Army officer and most recently as a business executive. You won an appointment to West Point in a competitive civilian examination while a junior at Beloit and received a B. S. degree there in 1936. A decorated combat veteran of World War II and the Korean Conflict, you graduated from several military staff and war colleges and obtained a master’s degree in international relations from Boston University. Advancing through grade, you were promoted to major general in 1962 and completed an illustrious career eight years later as commanding general and U. S. commandant in Berlin. While announcing your appointment as corporate vice president for manpower planning at Dart Industries, Incorporated, in August 1970, company officials said your broad background of experience made you “an outstanding resource in the area of manpower development” and noted your value as an advisor on senior management projects. In recognition of your outstanding service to our country and its citizens and your example of self-reliance and leadership, Beloit College proudly awards you this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1970

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