Eaton Van Wert Read’1929 DSC

You inherit physically as well as spiritually, the spirit of Beloit.

Son of two distinguished Beloit graduates and grandson of Edward Dwight Eaton, its second president, with six other relatives also graduates, you inherit physically as well as spiritually, the spirit of Beloit;
With specialized academic training in commercial business and its administration you have also added practical experience in the marketplace;
Contributing to war effort on the War Production Board in Washington, D.C. during World War II you won a lieutenancy in the United States Naval Reserve;
In addition to your professional work you have shared actively in the life of the communities in which you have resided by studying their needs and supporting efforts to improve civic health and welfare;
Loyal to the Beloit motto which joins science and faith, you have been a good churchman, carrying religious energy into interchurch cooperation and social service;
Your career has brought you civic recognition and personal distinction, and brings honor to your Alma Mater.
This be the evidence of admiration and high regard from your fellow alumni and Beloit College.

July 01, 1970

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