Pliny A. Porter’1921 DSC

Recognized as an authority in management, advertising, sales and circulation.

1971 Distinguished Service Citation

The past half century has seen you climb the ladder of success in the medical publishing field. Recognized as an authority in management, advertising, sales and circulation, you published the first drug encyclopedia for doctors in 1935 and eleven years later established the American Journal of Medicine. In all, you are credited with publishing five medical journals and two encyclopedias for doctors and presently make available your time-tested skills as a consultant. Evidence of your leadership qualities is indicated by past service as president of both the Association of Advertising Men of New York and the University Club of White Plains and as a commander of the large Advertising Men’s American Legion Post. You have gained wide reputations as an entertaining speaker and master of ceremonies, and you have been cited by the National Fund for Medical Education for your fund-raising ability. It is with great pleasure that Beloit College honors you with this citation as your Class gathers to observe its Fiftieth Reunion.

July 01, 1971

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