Alan Arthur Boyden’1920 DSC

You have earned an international reputation as a zoologist and geneticist.

1970 Distinguished Service Citation

Educator – Zoologist

A man of science from your early adult days, when you came under the influence of Beloit’s Professor T. W. Galloway, you have earned an international reputation as a zoologist and geneticist. You have led an outstanding career as an educator at Rutgers University, where you taught for 37 years and where, in 1962, you were named professor of zoology emeritus. In 1936, you were co-founder of the Rutgers Bureau of Biological Research and served as its first chairman. The outgrowth of your studies in systematic serology was the establishment in 1948 of the University’s unique Serological Museum, the first of its kind for the collection, preservation and study of the proteins of the blood and other tissues of the bodies of organisms. You directed the museum until your retirement and continue as its editor. You have reported on your findings on animal relationships through blood serum at scientific meetings throughout the world, and you have been cited for your contributions to systematic serology and to the study of precipitin reaction. It is with special pride and appreciation that your Alma Mater recognize you and your many accomplishments as your Class gathers to observe the Golden Anniversary of its graduation with this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1970

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