Cyril C. Thompson’1914 DSC

Forty years ago you foresaw the great future of the airplane.

1964 Distinguished Service Citation

Airlines Executive, Airport Consultant

A pioneer in the field of commercial air transport, you have brought distinction to your alma mater through your business career, your most recent work as an airport consultant, and your many writings. Forty years ago you foresaw the great future of the airplane and your endeavors since then in the planning of airports and facilities have been in no small measure responsible for the realization of the future you envisioned. Your eighteen years as an executive of United Airlines, your work with the government during World War II, your advice and counsel in more recent years, all have aided in the development of a giant industry which has facilitated the passage of many persons to this campus this weekend. As your class observes the 50th anniversary of its graduation, we are happy to have this opportunity to recognize your many accomplishments with this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1970

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