November 18, 2022

Turtles, kazoos, museums, basketball, and pool tables

Letters: From Our Readers

Marching Band Members Arise

Remember this? Oh, boy, do I remember this! It was a beautiful fall day; perfect for a Homecoming game and celebration. I was so excited and honored to have “graduated” to the turtle mascot from the ranks of the Turtle Town Marching Band and Kazoo Conservatory, or TTMB&KC. It was a big deal!

Turtle mascot Ann Johnson-Goodwin'81 steps into the spotlight during Homecoming in 1979. Turtle mascot Ann Johnson-Goodwin’81 steps into the spotlight during Homecoming in 1979.
Credit: Michael Tarabulski’81

The TTMB&KC had prepared quite the halftime show of chaotic marching wads of Kleenex to a bag of McDonald’s french fries while we “kazooed” theme songs, mostly commercial jingles like “Have it your way.” (Those who remember are now humming that tune!) We had a glorious time being silly and cheering on our Bucs … until we lost the game. Suddenly, the happy, silly turtle mascot and marching band were not so much appreciated! I was pushed backwards as the players ran off the field and I couldn’t get up! With arms and legs flailing, someone rescued me, probably Sundra Flansburg’81, and the TTMB&KC marched QUIETLY back to our rooms.

It took a while for my football player friends to look me in the eye, and vice-versa. I was not the turtle the next year and don’t remember if anyone took over after us, or if we even marched. Those with better memories will have to fill in that aspect of the TTMB&KC. Members, arise! Regardless of the outcome of that Homecoming, it was one of the many highlights of my time at Beloit. I am so pleased the TTMB&KC are being remembered as one more unique reason Beloit College is so special.

Thank you, Michael Tarabulski’81, for capturing those crazy moments of the TTMB&KC, but especially this one. More than likely taken before the game! Brings a happy tear to my eye. Maybe see you at the sign?

Annie Johnson-Goodwin’81,
Santa Fe, N.M.

Exceptional Hoops

Beloit College Magazine, Summer 2022 Cover Barry Bauman’69 (whose remembrance appeared in the summer 2022 issue) graduated the spring before I matriculated at Beloit. I met him at a national museum conference decades ago. In conversation, we discovered that we were both Beloit alumni and both had museum experiences related to field terms and both had participated in sports.

Barry was an exceptional basketball player. He told me in clear terms that he missed a spring semester of basketball and Coach Knapton blamed his absence for not having won another Midwest Conference Title.

The Beloit Plan decimated the college’s sports programs because athletes were often off campus at odd times with respect to the sports schedules. On the other hand, pseudo-jocks such as I could letter in four sports!

PS: The pool table illustrated in the C-Haus article has a history. I purchased it from a defunct fraternity in 1970 and installed it in my Sigma Pi fraternity house at 609 Emerson Street. Jeff Fahl’73, one of my brothers, helped restore the woodwork. We later donated it to Beloit, and it once had a brass plaque. It has had a variety of homes around campus over the years. It was made by Brunswick-Balke-Collender, features 1½-inch thick slate, and is an exceptional table. It took about .5 percent off my grade-point-average.

Donald R. Hoke’73,
Dallas, Texas

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