November 18, 2022

Borders [Album]

By Honey Cellar, June 2022

Honey Cellar Borders Album Cover, created by Aga Jarzabek'18. Chicago-based folk rock band Honey Cellar has released its second album, Borders.

Members Danny Connolly’17, Lucy Holden’16, and Catherine Krol’17 first formed Honey Cellar back in 2017, but their sound has since evolved, expanding to a five-piece band with the additions of Joey Buttlar and Tariq Shihadah in recent years. The group has been lauded for its Irish-inspired use of violin and fiddle (played by Holden) and Krol and Connolly’s tight two-part harmonies.

One of Borders’ 11 tracks is “Dorma,” a climate-conscious single that’s been getting rave reviews for its lush sound and dreamy lyrics, including “in our time, stars will close their eyes / we’ll dream of brighter things.”

The cover art was created by Aga Jarzabek’18.

Find out more about Honey Cellar’s music, gigs, and merchandise on Facebook and the band’s website:

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