Arnold Anthony Sio’44 DSC

1969 Distinguished Service Citation

Back in 1940, you were positive about your future. In applying to Beloit, you wrote as a reason for wanting to attend college these two sentences – “Last, but not of least importance, I’m interested in anthropology. I always have been and always will be, so my ambition is to become an anthropologist.” You have fulfilled your ambition, and your presence here today indicates just how successfully. A member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Colgate University since 1952, you have been its chairman the past two years. As an authority on the Negro in the Americas and on American and Caribbean area studies, you directed Colgate’s new Upperclass Core Program in American, Non-Western, and International Studies and still head its joint program with Lincoln (Pa.) University, the nation’s oldest Negro college. Holder of master’s degrees from the universities of Chicago and Illinois and a doctorate from the latter, you have held research appointments ranging from the assistant curatorship of Beloit’s Logan Museum to work on Chicago’s Committee on Human Relations in Industry and Council on State Governments. You also served on the Hoover Commission studying the organization of the government’s executive branch and as a research associate in urban problems with the American Municipal Association. Active in professional circles, you are a noted author of articles and reviews, contributor to books, research reports, and monographs, and member of the Editorial Board of the American Quarterly. This Distinguished Service Citation is testimony of the high regard your Alma Mater holds for you for your fidelity to its academic and social values.


Note: This DSC contains language and ideas that may be outdated, biased, or offensive. We recognize that hiding our past does not change it, and we can use this to propel us on our mission toward becoming better.

July 01, 1970
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