Career Works moves to renovated Morse Library in 2024

The synergy between Career Works and Impact Beloit will develop the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and activists.

Beloit College’s mission is to empower students to lead fulfilling lives marked by high achievement, personal responsibility, and public contribution in a diverse society.

The synergy between Career Works and Impact Beloit builds on this mission by developing the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and activists through community-based learning that both develops students’ career-readiness and contributes to the well-being of our local communities, especially the city of Beloit. This move elevates the visibility of our efforts so that more people, internally and externally, can access them.

Bringing Career Works into the Impact Beloit space in the renovated library supports key strategic goals of the college by:

  • Demonstrating our commitment to preparing our students for success on campus and beyond;
  • And creating an accessible learning environment where students are welcomed and invited to engage in high-impact practices such as internships, community-based learning, learning communities, collaborative learning.

Locating Career Works in the library allows us to:

  • Better integrate Career Works’ outreach to local and regional employers through Impact Beloit’s community partnerships;
  • Create a collaborative space where students can explore hands-on experiences related to their disciplinary and Career Channels-based interests;
  • Develop synergies and harness staffing strength in a shared space to benefit students;
  • Ensure the short- and long-term success of both programs by placing them closely together;
  • Visibly demonstrate the support these strategic offices offer students, which will also help with retention and recruitment; and
  • Showcase via Admission tours the variety of programming offered by an outcomes-driven, liberal arts college.
October 28, 2022

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