The Miller Upton Forum events this week

The Miller Upton Program seeks to deepen students’ understanding of the wealth and well-being of nations through intimate interactions with preeminent thinkers.

The 2022 Miller Upton Forum focuses on Experimental Methods and the Wealth and Wellbeing of Nations with 2022-23 scholar John A. List.

Please join us for a full week of events.

Oct. 26 Building a Vibrant Community

7 p.m. Pearsons Hall, Moore Lounge
Quint Studer is a Pensacola, Florida businessman and philanthropist, often known as the co-owner of the minor league baseball team the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and the Beloit SkyCarps, and as founder of the healthcare consulting company, Studer Group. He also founded the Studer Community Institute and is an advocate of community development. He has published multiple books on leadership, business and management, and community development, including “Building a Vibrant Community: How Citizen-Powered Change is Reshaping America.”

Oct. 27 Experimental Methods in Social Sciences

7 p.m. Pearsons Hall, Moore Lounge
“Racialized Courts: How racial attitudes shape perceptions of the American judicial system” by Phil Chen, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado - Denver

“The Remote Control of Thinking” by Greg Buchanan, Professor of Psychology, Beloit College

“Yes we can, but should we?” Phil Shields, Professor of Philosophy, Hales Family Chair in Ethics, Beloit College

Oct. 28 Upton Forum Luncheon

12:30 p.m. Pearsons Hall, Moore Lounge
Join us for lunch prior to the panel discussion on the Ideas and Influence of John List. Registration required.

Oct. 28 The Ideas and Influence of John List

1 p.m. Pearsons Hall, Moore Lounge
Alec Brandon, Sally Sadoff, and Anya Samek share their insights into the work of Upton Scholar John List.

Oct. 28 Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Economics: This Chief Economist’s Yin and Yang

7 p.m. Sanger Center for the Sciences, Atrium

Please join us for the June and Edgar Martin Memorial Lecture. The 2022-23 Upon Scholar John A. List is the Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor in Economics at the University of Chicago. He received his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Wyoming. List joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2005, and served as Chairman of the Department of Economics from 2012-2018. Prior to joining University of Chicago, he was a professor at the University of Central Florida, University of Arizona, and University of Maryland.

His research focuses on questions in microeconomics, with a particular emphasis on using field experiments to address both positive and normative issues. For decades his field experimental research has focused on issues related to the inner- workings of markets, the effects of various incentives schemes on market equilibria and allocations, how behavioral economics can augment the standard economic model, on early childhood education and interventions, and most recently on the gender earnings gap in the gig economy (using evidence from rideshare drivers).

October 25, 2022

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