Erica Ueland’72 DSC

Although Erica’s professional accomplishments were significant, they cannot overshadow her deep sense of community responsibility.

Awarded October 7, 2022
2022 Distinguished Service Citation

Erica Ueland’s life has been a series of adventures, which include aviation, the film industry, and volunteerism. Though her time at Beloit was brief, her affinity for the college has never waned.

In 1969, Erica transferred to Beloit from Dartmouth and studied English Literature and Anthropology. Her Beloit roommate, Polly Peterson’71, remembers Erica as “fun and funny with an adventuresome spirit.” When an opportunity presented itself, Erica traveled to Papua New Guinea for work with an anthropologist collecting functional and spiritual artifacts to be preserved and cared for in museums.

Introduced to flying across jungles and islands, Erica focused on becoming a U.S. rated airline transport pilot, flight instructor, and flight engineer. She flew the Lockheed Electra, a 4-engine aircraft equipped to carry automotive vehicles/parts and military cargo. During the 1980s and 90s, she flew daily missions for logistical aircraft out of Hill Air Force Base in Utah, including for Operation Desert Shield.

After graduating with a master’s from Westminster College in 1998, Erica worked for a Department of Defense contractor in San Diego at North Island Naval Air Station, creating cutting-edge coursework, scenarios, storyboards, and operation manuals for Lockheed S-3 Viking Pilots and Naval Flight Officers. On the team of instructional designers was Lee Miller Skiles who found Erica to be an invaluable mentor as they produced multiple lessons for the Navy. Their friendship has continued ever since.

Erica’s professional life does not overshadow her proactive community responsibility. In Utah, she served with the Greater Salt Area Red Cross, the Downtown Alliance, and Cancer Wellness House. In California, she has been a member of the San Diego Women’s Foundation since 2004 and served on its board of directors. She continues seasonal work as an election official for San Diego County.

The Beloit College Alumni Association is proud to recognize Erica Ueland with the 2022 Distinguished Service Citation.

October 07, 2022

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