Beloit College’s Coalition for College membership improves access for under-represented students

A partnership to reach out to low-income, under-resourced, and first-generation students.

Beloit College has joined the Coalition for College, a group of more than 170 U.S. public and private colleges and universities working to improve access for low-income, under-resourced, and first-generation students.

Beloit College meets the Coalition’s rigorous eligibility standards in access, affordability, and student success, and demonstrates a commitment to supporting all students through the college preparation and application processes.

Leslie Davidson Leslie DavidsonBeloit College Vice President for Enrollment Leslie Davidson says membership in the Coalition for College aligns with the college’s strong, steadfast commitment to this effort.

“Beloit College is actively committed to equity and inclusion,” says Davidson. “The Coalition’s mission to expand access is an ideal fit for us.”

The Coalition application is an additional option for students, who can also apply through Beloit’s application or the Common App.

The Coalition recently launched a new way to apply to college, via a partnership with Scoir and Technolutions. Students can now manage their college planning in one place, from discovering and building their college list to applying and tracking their application status.

Beloit College will be part of the Coalition’s college access initiatives, which include free college-planning workshops for students; visits to schools where 40% or more of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch; sharing information and advice on the web and social media; and helping to build a national registry of organizations that provide free college counseling.

Next month, Beloit College will participate in the Coalition’s workshop on college planning for first-generation students.

Graduating students on time, and with low or no debt, is the basis for Coalition membership. Coalition schools outperform the national averages for retention and graduation by 17 percent.

“The power of the Coalition is our ability to work across member institutions to improve college access, and that work remains critically important today,” says Stacey Kostell, CEO of the Coalition. “We’re thrilled to count Beloit College as partners in this work and look forward to collaborating on our shared goals to better serve limited-income and under-represented students and help more students achieve their higher education goals.”

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October 17, 2022

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