Gaining real-life professional experiences

Andrei Prikhodko’20 is a hard-working, two-sport athlete with a willingness to go above and beyond the expectations he set for a well-rounded academic, athletic, and personal development.

Before Beloit

Andrei Prikhodko'20 What drew you to Beloit College?

The academic rigor, a tight-knit community to easily form close relationships with faculty and staff, and vast extra-curricular opportunities.

Looking back to your high school experience, what are some of the highlights that prepared you for college?

I was pretty active in high school; I participated in multiple athletic and extracurricular activities such as football, lacrosse, wrestling, and youth groups at my local church. I also took some higher-level AP and Honors courses to get familiar with and overcome some fears about the college-type curriculum.

What attracted you to Beloit College?

During the college application process, I was always interested in those colleges that could offer me rigorous education, along with opportunities to continue pursuing my interests (sports and other extracurricular clubs). And Beloit was that place that offered strong academics and gave me the unique opportunity to compete at the division three level in Football and Lacrosse. Besides, its small class ratio and the opportunities to form intimate relationships with professors and staff, which could help enrich my educational experience, were the two other critical factors that drew me to Beloit.

Year 1

What is your first-year college experience in one word?

Amazing. The transition from high school to college was smooth. I found my new comfort zone with plenty of room to grow and express myself within Beloit College.

If you could offer a message of encouragement, comfort, or support, what would you say directly to first-year students at Beloit College?

Take advantage of all the great things Beloit offers!

Was it challenging for you to navigate college life as a freshman?

I do not think that it was a challenge for me to adapt to college life. In my freshman year, I continued pursuing my hobby - sports. I became a varsity athlete and was very excited to compete at the division three level in Football and Lacrosse.

What one piece of advice would you give to first-year students?

I would say to keep an open mind about life in general. Whether it’s about taking on new opportunities or challenges, keeping up your can-do attitude will help you achieve your goals and ride through the storms in your life. In addition, I think that choosing Beloit offers a unique opportunity to explore interests and things that you might not ever have the chance to do again. As such, I would advise students to take advantage of all the great things Beloit offers.

Year 2

What is the most important lesson you have learned along with your 4-year experience at Beloit College?

If I put all myself into something, I can surely achieve that goal - even though it seemed impossible at first. I learned to overcome my 2.7/2.8 GPA by managing my time wisely and efficiently and dedicating a substantial amount of time and effort to improve my academic performance. And all my endeavors eventually paid off.

What are the most important milestones or achievements (they could be academic, co-curricular, or career-related) you have attained while at Beloit?

One of my most significant milestones in terms of academics at Beloit was my spring semester as a sophomore. I had struggled a lot with my academics due to various reasons in the fall semester of my sophomore year. As a result, I ended that semester with a low GPA - 2.7 or 2.8.

Obviously, that is not the type of GPA you would want to see at any level, especially at college. By the spring semester, I decided to work on my academics. I pushed myself and worked doggedly in my classes, and all my endeavors paid off. At the end of the semester, I ended up getting a 4.0 GPA.

Andrei Prikhodko'20 and friends in the Sigma Chi fraternity. Juggling my academics with my involvement in the Lacrosse team and Greek societies - Sigma Chi (Alpha Zeta), I realized that human potential is limitless. If I put all myself into something, I can surely achieve that goal - even though it seemed impossible at first. My time management skills also improved significantly. During this period, I declared Economics as my major and worked at Belmark Associates to further practice my technical knowledge and skills.

Year 3

How has Beloit College has prepared you for your life after graduation?

Getting exposure to a real-life working environment while getting credits to do so is something you never want to miss out on. Through the Duffy Partnerships program, I successfully secured internships at 2 big corporates (Hendricks Commercial Properties and Kerry Group), which offered me to get a taste of different industries or aspects of the profession - things that I would never know if I hadn’t joined.

Do you think that Beloit College has helped you figure out your career pathway? How has your time at Beloit College influenced your present?

Yes, definitely. Beloit always offers ample opportunities for students to gain real-life experiences (in professional working settings) and develop their hard and soft skills. One of those opportunities is the Duffy Partnerships program which is a sociology course paired with off-campus internships. I got accepted into the Duffy program in my junior year, which helped me land two internships at Hendricks Commercial Properties and Kerry Group. I have learned about investment, development, and leasing processes at Hendricks. While at Kerry Group, I was able to bring my classroom learnings about data analysis and market research into a corporate setting. Both internships helped me be more open-minded and find excitement in every opportunity presented to me.

Year 4

Favorite moments of being a part of the Football and Lacrosse teams?

Getting myself a second family with peers sharing the same interests and amazing mentorship from coaches. Also, I’m so grateful to have my athletic ability recognized throughout my 4-year experience at Beloit College.

How about your involvement in sports at Beloit? Could you share with us some of your most memorable experiences as part of the Football and Lacrosse team?

Andrei Prikhodko'20 playing lacrosse, running down the field. The experience I got with the Football and Lacrosse teams was invaluable. Highlighted my 4-year experience at Beloit was being a part of the Football and Lacrosse teams and having my athletic ability recognized. During my senior year, I won the Most Valuable Player in the Football team and was the Lacrosse captain.

Along with those achievements, I’m grateful to have such amazing coaches, especially Coach Rashad Devoe (lacrosse) and Coach Kyle Langhoff (football). They always supported and encouraged me to push myself out of limits and to go above and beyond the expectations I set for myself. I also want to show my gratitude towards Professor Laura Grube, Professor Matt Laszlo, Professor Jermaine Moulton, Professor Ranjan Roy, and my SEL advisors. They are one of my greatest mentors and instrumental in helping me prepare for post-Beloit life.

After Beloit

What is your life after graduation? Could you describe a typical day in your professional life?

Enrolling the Early Career Leadership Program at Belden Inc., I have the chance to rotate across different departments/areas within the company to learn about leading multi-functional teams and making decisions that drive a business division forward.

Could you share with us about your post-Beloit life?

I’m currently joining the Early Career Leadership Program (ECLP) at Belden Inc. The ECLP program is a three-year, cohort-based development plan for recently graduated seniors. In this program, I will be learning how to lead multi-functional teams and making decisions that drive a business division forward within Belden Inc.

How did you land this position?

I got the job through a recruiting email forwarded to me by my advisor, Professor Laura Grube. I then went through a fairly rigorous interview process and eventually went to Indiana to do an on-site interview and case study, after which I got the job.

May 15, 2020

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