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Abigail Kaage’11

Abigail lives in NYC and works as a freelance artist, muralist, illustrator and painter.

In 2014 I moved out to NYC in order to immerse myself in the art scene of one of the most creative cities in the world. After just two years in New York, my artistic resume has grown rapidly: I have joined an artists’ collective, participated in group shows in artist run gallery spaces, completed a street art piece and I’ve worked as an assistant muralist on a 100’ x 35’ mural. I have been hired as a freelance illustrator, an interior muralist and as an assistant painter in a wood shop. I have sold a few of my own pieces and have started created larger and larger paintings. While I still use bartending and serving to pay the bills, I continually find more and more freelance work and random artistic positions and am inspired by the creative individuals I meet in this city of artists.

Beloit provided me with a diverse background in the arts and I am able to list sculpting, printmaking, drawing and painting skills on my resume. Due to the emphasis Beloit places on writing, I am better able to express my skill set than most applicants and find that I get a fair amount of interest simply due to my ability to present myself in words.

My time at Beloit still feels like just yesterday and there I had innumerable experiences that were both meaningful and valuable. Participating in the senior show was truly a great way to prepare for articulating artist statements, bios and it increased my problem solving abilities. This single, independently driven experience taught me how to erect a show on a low budget and to never be afraid to reach out to the community and others for help.

July 06, 2016
  • Abigail Kaage’11

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