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Kevin Link’10

A Studio Art, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing major, Kevin has found success in various  marketing roles and lives in Chicago, IL.

Kevin Link was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lived the latter half of his childhood in Houston, Texas. In 2010 he graduated from Beloit College with a BA in Studio Art, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing.

Since graduation, he’s taken the following positions:

  • Production manager at a union sign and screen-printing shop (Budget Signs, Madison, WI—then managed by current Wisconsin US Representative, Mark Pocan)
  • Freelance video-performer: Live-mixing original and sampled clips video clips focusing centered on surrealist themes and film-makers
  • Copywriter for the marketing group SignatureForum: Generating SEO-friendly articles and newsletters themes for elective medical industries
  • Product manager for the marketing analytics software system xAmplifier
  • Co-founder of the Lithos Project, a business which makes decorative 3D depictions of topography, bathymetry, trails, transit systems, star maps and more using vinyl, plexiglass, wood, and LED lights

His artwork explores the relationship between creativity, cognition, and supernatural experience through the mediums of writing, drawing, screen printing, sculpture, acrylic vinyl, Plexiglas, light, and sound—often co-opting non-traditional fine art mediums such as fluorescent safety vinyl, LED’s, and blacklight paint as a visual cue for intangible concepts such as the “otherworldly”.

The focus of each art series often trend towards specific esoteric subjects, stemming from his lifelong interest in psychology, liminal states, and neuroscience along with their tenuous relationship with reported paranormal experiences, psychic phenomenon, and other dubious topics.

He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

“Making your way through almost any industry in the “real world” as a creative individual, you come to realize that your ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them to others. In order to effectively implement change of any kind, you must build a mental bridge between your vision and its relationship to existing structures, initiatives, or communities and their history in your audience’s mind.

The Beloit Art Department created a safe environment to develop the interpretative framework and communication skills for engaging with a greater community in such a way. Classes forced students to not only to manifest our ideas to the best of our abilities but conceptually defend our aesth choices in front of my teachers and peers–building bridges to both the ongoing work of the student and art community at large through writing and on-the-spot explication.

Reinforced throughout the curriculum–this exercise develops a unique blend of confidence, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and an empathy for your audience that enable the individual to present their ideas in such a way the audience can simultaneously understand the vision as well as its practical and conceptual relevance in the greater landscape. When applied correctly, these tools empower graduates to inject change, creativity, and leadership into almost any workplace.”

June 17, 2019

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