Why the Why Bother Wisconsin? campaign matters

Beloit College is leading the effort to encourage college students across Wisconsin to vote.

Over the past several months, Beloit College has spearheaded the launch of “Why Bother, Wisconsin?”, a campaign to raise awareness among students across Wisconsin (and elsewhere) of the critical and lifelong importance of voting.

Our campus kickoff for the campaign is Tuesday, Sept. 20 (National Voter Registration Day). With access to voting under direct threat in this state and across the country, Beloit College is reaching out to other private colleges in Wisconsin and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest to encourage campuses to take action.

We are sponsoring activities and events to highlight why voting matters, and are asking participating institutions to join Beloit College in signaling the importance of voting and removing barriers for students by not holding classes on Election Day (Nov. 8 for this year’s midterm elections).

As we look ahead to this academic year and the November elections, we invite all of you to take every reasonable opportunity in your courses, worksites and personal interactions to impress upon students why they should vote. At the same time, we hope that you will direct and incentivize students to participate in civic activity, as well as any and all of the “Why Bother, Wisconsin?” campus events planned in the run-up to Nov. 8

Turnout in midterm elections is traditionally quite low, especially among young people. But given the issues at stake today, from the loss of previously held rights and action on climate change, to the healthy functioning of American democracy itself, the stakes of not participating through the basic act of voting are simply too high to ignore.

Thank you for your help in bringing this campaign to life on campus, and here’s to doing all that is within our power to do to keep American democracy alive and strong for decades to come.

August 23, 2022

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