Sustain Beloit Q and A

Starting Monday, Aug. 22, Sustain Beloit, a new trash and recycling program, will reduce the number of plastic bags dotting our lawns and help each of us own — and dispose of — the waste we create.

Where/what are my outside bins?

Every campus building has access to outside bins. They are located near the most-used entrance in an area that is accessible for the garbage truck or for campus utility staff. Outside containers are either 96-gallon residential toters or 2YD, 4YD, or 8YD dumpsters.

Where do I get more bags?

You can request another roll of blue and/or clear bags from your RA/building coordinator. They are also available in the Facilities, Residential Life, and Security offices. Bags are also available through the Facilities request form.

Why do I have to take out my trash?

Beloit College is approaching trash management as a community effort where every individual does their part to take care of the campus and global environment. Every person on the planet generates waste, and in most cases it is our responsibility to dispose of it responsibly.

What happens if I dispose of my trash in plastic bags?

Plastic bags contaminate your recycling. One plastic bag in the outside container means that the whole load will go to the landfill instead of being recycled. Plastic bags also damage recycling machinery, which can put workers in danger of injury and stop the entire facility for hours.

Why should I recycle?

Recycling takes materials that would otherwise go to a landfill and gives them another life! With certain materials, it is actually more efficient to use recycled materials than it is to use raw materials. Aluminum cans are a great example.

Isn’t all plastic recyclable?

Most plastic is actually trash! Only plastic types 1 & 2, such as water bottles, laundry detergent jugs, and such, are accepted in recyclables.

Where does my trash go?

All Beloit College trash is taken to the City of Janesville landfill.

Where does my recycling go?

All Beloit College recycling is taken to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Germantown, WI. This MRF collects recycling from all of south central Wisconsin.

How do I handle trash from an event?

When you’re planning for an event, don’t forget to add trash cans so that guests can dispose of their waste responsibly. Facilities will remove trash from the bins when they dismantle any setup once the event ends. the event.

For more information, go to the Sustain Beloit How-to.

August 08, 2022

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