June 08, 2022

Remember this?

In front of what’s now a really dated Beloit College sign, Michael Tarabulski’81 captured this photograph of his classmate, Ann Johnson-Goodwin’81, during the October 1979 Homecoming festivities.

At the time, Johnson-Goodwin was the student mascot and band major for the wildly irreverent but official college marching band called the Turtle Township Kazoo Conservatory and Marching Band, which students formed in 1975 and kept going into the ’80s.

The group had a couple of loose formations in its early repertoire, including one called “the marching wad of Kleenex.” The band even made it onto the cover of this magazine in fall 1984.

Will a turtle mascot be hanging out at the Beloit College sign this fall when Beloiter Days Weekend unfolds Oct. 7-9, 2022? The only way to find out is to show up. Registration opens at beloit.edu/beloiterdays in July.

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