June 04, 2022

We want the C-Haus!

The C-Haus reopens after Covid shuttered the pub for two years.
  • Students play a game of pool in the C-Haus, circa 2015.
    Trevor Johnson

Students circulated a petition to re-open the C-Haus campus pub early in the spring semester after dropping Covid case counts led to the reopening of Commons Dining Hall.

Commons had been open mainly for take-away dining during the Omicron surge, and the C-Haus was closed throughout the pandemic.

About 400 students signed the petition, along with some faculty and staff and about 90 alumni. Their voices were heard. In April, after student volunteers tidied up the venue on a designated clean-up day, the C-Haus held a grand reopening.

The pub was open on Saturday nights throughout the remainder of the spring semester. The college plans to have a full-time manager onboard for the fall semester, when C-Haus hours are expected to expand dramatically.

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