June 08, 2022

Library upgrades to feature new community center

Renovations, funded mainly through a $9 million grant, are set to begin this summer.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers visited campus in February to announce a $9 million Neighborhood Investment Fund grant to the college. The funds will be used to renovate Morse Library, create a community outreach and engagement center, and provide educational opportunities for students.

In partnership with the city of Beloit, the new center, with a working title of Impact Beloit, will address the needs of a community affected by Covid-19 while further connecting faculty, staff, and students to educational opportunities.

“Covid-19 has severely disrupted the city of Beloit,” Evers said. “If we want to see our state’s families, communities, and economy succeed for years to come, we need to make investments that spur community outreach and economic development. There’s no better place to make that investment than at Beloit College, which has such a long history of educating citizens of the world.”

The college is also committing $1 million to supplement the Neighborhood Investment Fund grant, bringing the project’s total investment to $10 million.

Renovations begin this summer with an anticipated 12-month construction schedule.

The Neighborhood Investment Fund Grant Program provides funding for projects that supply long-term benefits to communities while addressing negative impacts from Covid-19. The grant program is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and supported by up to $200 million in the federal American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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