“See you in 10 years!”

The education and youth studies department hosted third graders from Freeport, IL. 

On April 28th, alumna Hannah Curran’08 brought her class of third graders from Freeport, IL, for a tour of Beloit College. It was a special field trip for both Hannah as well as her students. Due to COVID-19, students have not had a field trip in two years, so it was a great chance to once again reconnect with the community. In addition, Hannah got a chance to visit her alma matter and share it with students.

“A lot has changed; I haven’t even been in the Science Center since it’s completion, much less the Powerhouse,” she said.

Beloit education majors lead the tour, ate lunch with students, and supported students in a STEM activity afterwards where students got to create their own dorm room. This was part of Freeport’s AVID curriculum, which provides support for educators and students to encourage college and career readiness and success.

Overall, the day was filled with sweet memories and reminiscent stories of the past, as well as big dreams and bright futures from students who will one day hopefully continue to be a part of the Beloit College story.  As students left, one small voice shouted, “See you in ten years!” as the class ran to the bus to depart for the day. 

Beloit students enjoyed connecting with alumni, gaining hands-on experience, and exercising hospitality to those around them, no matter the age. 

May 10, 2022


If you are an alumni or a teacher in the local community and interested in collaborating with prospective educators at Beloit College, please feel free to contact our office at edys@beloit.edu

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