Finding a home to pursue pharmacology

Bailey Dusso’24 loves chemistry and being in a lab. She also loves being with people. At Beloit College she’s preparing for a career as a pharmacist to bring her interests together.

Bailey Dusso'24 When Bailey Dusso’24 was applying to college, she not only knew that science was in her future, but that pharmacology in particular appealed. While she looked at multiple pharmacy programs, Beloit College stood out. The close proximity to family in Rockton, Illinois appealed, as did the beauty of the college campus when she visited in spring. Plus, George Lisensky, professor in the chemistry department, attended the same church as her family, which added a level of comfort.

Those factors and Beloit College’s dual degree program in pharmacy with the Medical College of Wisconsin sealed Bailey’s decision to attend Beloit College.

The college feels comfortable; close contact with faculty and student peers is the norm. Bailey’s largest class has 20 students. Her twin, who attends a much larger institution, is having a different experience.

By living, studying, and working on campus, Bailey is also learning life lessons, for which Beloit’s Integrated Learning Outcomes have been a guide.

Chemistry classes involve a lot of collaboration,” she relates. “That is an essential skill in work life. Plus, as a student manager at the Powerhouse, I practiced professional agility every time I was on duty. When situations changed, I had to make decisions quickly to ensure the good functioning of the building for those who depend on it for recreation, relaxation, and food.”

For now, Bailey is focusing on doing well in the courses she’s taking at Beloit that will allow her to begin working toward her doctor of pharmacy degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin after her junior year. “I’m excited to spend three years at Beloit College, then move to Milwaukee for the final three years of pharmacology studies. I’m so happy this program exists,” she says.

In the meantime, she rounds out her life by playing flute in the college wind ensemble. “It’s really fun, and I’m glad to have joined.”

By: Elizabeth Brewer
March 07, 2022

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