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Lisa Lombardo’06

Since graduating from Beloit, Lisa has obtained her master’s degree in environmental studies and currently works as a graphic designer.

After graduating from Beloit, I worked at a frame shop in Berkeley, CA for five years. I then got a Master’s in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. My thesis was entitled “‘The Flukishness of Being Related’: Biosemiotics, Naturecultures, and Irony in the Art of Nina Katchadourian.” I currently work as a graphic and web designer in Eugene, OR.

When I chose to major in art, I wasn’t looking for a major that would serve me, in the sense of being useful or helpful or subservient to my goals, career or otherwise (though I’m sure art can do that if that’s what you ask it to do). In fact, I didn’t really have any goals. Instead, I was looking for a major that would challenge me to set aside my usual ways of seeing and thinking about the world, which I think it did.

June 17, 2019

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